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What makes a solid concrete toboggan team?

What do you get when you take project management, engineering and architectural students and mix them all together? A capable crew.

SAIT’s Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Team is gearing up for another year of wins. Our team beat out four-year engineering schools to take home top prize in 2018 – the success of this student club is that each member brings individual knowledge from their respective programs and personal experience that collectively makes the team stronger.

Meet the team and find out their programs and the unique skills they each bring to the hill:

Anatomy of a concrete toboggan

Cheer on #TeamSAIT in the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race on Saturday, Feb. 1 in Toronto. Our unique student clubs bring together students from all different areas of study – each with their own set of skills to share – to work as a team to problem solve, to compete and to accomplish great things. A SAIT experience is more than a program, it’s a chance to get involved and to do something really cool.

Find your team at SAIT.

Find out more and follow the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Team’s progress at sait.ca/compete.

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