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Ace your convocation

SAIT convocation at the Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

All the early morning classes and late-night study sessions have led you to this special moment — the culmination of your academic success. Here’s everything you need to know to make the best of your big day!

Tips for acing convocation   

SAIT students in cap and gowns at SAIT

  • Pockets are king. You’ll need to put your phone somewhere while you’re crossing the stage.
  • If you won’t need it until after the ceremony, leave your stuff with your guests. The gowns can get pretty warm so you won’t want a coat and you can’t cross the stage with your arms full — you’ll be holding your credential.
  • Speaking of coats, the Jubilee Auditorium can check them for $2.
  • And remember, backpacks aren’t allowed in the auditorium, so leave them at home or take them to coat check.

How to get here and where to go first

SAIT students posing in front of Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

If you went to class at main campus, this will all be very familiar because the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium is just next door.

  • Park at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium or SAIT.
  • Transit is available. There’s a CTrain station on site (SAIT/ACAD/Jubilee) and a number of bus stops.
  • When you arrive, your guests will go to the auditorium — make sure they have their guest tickets — and you’ll go directly to the gowning area.


Tune in!

The ceremony will stream live — share the link with your friends and family who can’t be there in person. 

Get your gown on

SAIT student with cap and gown at convocation

You’re all dressed in your grad best — head up the escalators to the gowning area on the second floor for the rest:

  • gown
  • V-stole or hood
  • cap
  • pronunciation card

Pro tip: comfortable shoes are a plus as there’s a fair bit of walking and standing to do.

Be in the moment for your big moment

SAIT student sharing hug with instructor at convocation

It’s almost time to cross the stage. Shake off those nerves and get ready for your handshake 🤝.

  • Put your phone in your pocket or small purse — you’ll need your hands free.
  • Straighten your cap and tassel.
  • Have your credential and pronunciation card ready.
  • Deep breath — this is your moment!

A picture is worth a thousand words — plus a hashtag

SAIT student with family at convocation

There are countless ways to capture the big day.

  • You’ll receive a free digital photo of your crossing-the-stage moment from SAIT Alumni.
  • Mountain West Studios will be in the lobby of the Jubilee Auditorium for portrait sessions on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Follow @SAIT and @SAITalumni on Instagram for highlights of the ceremonies.
  • And finally, share your photos with #SAIT2019.


Contest alert

If you’re graduating in Fall 2019 or have already graduated from SAIT, you can also enter the  SAIT Alumni - Class of 2019 Instagram Contest for a chance to win one of two $100 gift cards to one of Calgary's restaurants with a SAIT connection. 

Still a bit nervous?

SAIT student at convocation ceremony with parchment

Here are some day-of notes, but don’t worry, we have a team of volunteers ready to make your convocation a day to remember.

  • After you get your gown on, you’ll line up in alphabetical order with your program.
  • When everyone is ready, you’ll enter the auditorium — stay in order ;)
  • You’ll be seated to enjoy the ceremony until an usher comes to bring you backstage.
  • Then it’s time to grab your credential.
  • Next, a quick break for water if you’re feeling parched.
  • Your #SAIT2019 moment is here 🎓.
  • And then back to your seat for the rest of the ceremony — congrats!
  • Rejoin your guests in the lobby ❤️.

Our credentials are off the chain — and on the blockchain

SAIT student with parchment

New this year, you’ll receive a digital credential in addition to the parchment you receive at the ceremony. Digital credentials are secure, free, readily verifiable and immediately shareable, and will serve you well as you embark on your journey of employment or further education.

We've partnered with ODEM, the international On-Demand Education Marketplace, to provide this digital credential on blockchain through their Ethereum-based platform. The details about how to access your digital credential will be in your inbox after your ceremony.

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