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Beetles, bicycles and Beakerhead

Art, science and engineering come together on campus

Art, science and engineering come together on campus

(Pictured: Dr. David Ross, SAIT’s President & CEO, Jay Ingram, Beakerhead Co-Founder, Students from the Pre-Employment Automotive Service Technician program and SAITSA Executive Council)

SAIT is buggin' out this week, in a good way.

There will be a new resident on campus from Sept. 19 through 23 - a giant tumblebug. Dung Beetle — created by artist Max Streicher — will live on the corner of 10 Ave. and 16 St. behind the E. H. Crandell building.

The installation kicks off SAIT's involvement with this year's Beakerhead — a five-day event that brings art, science and engineering together through city-wide activities.

"We're really, really happy that SAIT is involved in Beakerhead," says Jay Ingram, Beakerhead Co-Founder. "Building things, especially things that have been dreamt up by students, is a fantastic learning experience."

All over Calgary, there will be installations from artists, scientists and engineers - and one of those installations will have a distinct SAIT flavour.

Our piece of the pie

SAIT's is baking its way into Beakerhead in a truly unique way.

Led by Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) instructors Greg Ball and Shaw Kinjo, a group of 10 students have brought back the Slice of Pie - a pedal-powered treat that was part of Beakerhead last year.

Dubbed Pi 2.0, the mobile dessert is a replica of a piece of pie, framed on top of a three-wheeled recumbent bicycle.

After debuting in 2017, the pie's recipe has been revamped.

"This year we have vacuum-formed a series of LED-lighted cherries for the sides and created a red-colored filling to make it more visually appealing," says Ball. "The interior lighting is cherry red and has a Pi symbol on the crust that lights up."

The project stays true to the mash-up spirit of Beakerhead - blending several disciplines at SAIT.

"Our concept has a connection to math, pedal-powered mechanical design and the culinary arts program at SAIT," says Ball.

He adds student involvement with the project has increased this year.

"The essential goal of Pi 2.0 was to get our MET students involved," he says. "Seeing them working on this on their own time, between classes and after hours, really highlights our students' engagement."

For Ingram, it's all about expanding horizons.

"Through these projects, students are exposed to the importance of collaboration - the idea that others might have good ideas, too," he says. "They learn to respect the different ways of thinking of people outside their own specialty and they get to make something."

If you're looking to get a taste, spot Pi 2.0 at Four To Six on Fourth — a free event downtown from Sept. 19 through 21 — and Beakernight, the grand finale of this year's Beakerhead on Saturday, Sept. 22.

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