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New policy a breath of fresh air

Designated smoking areas clean up campus

Designated smoking areas clean up campus

Faculty and students arriving on campus this fall will notice something different — an absence of smoke clouds wafting around entrances and exits to buildings.

An updated policy and procedure — HS.1.4 and HS 1.4.1, which came into effect July 1 — will clear the air and redirect smokers to designated smoking areas.

designated smoking areas on campus

"We consulted SAIT employees, students and apprentices in the creation of this policy and procedure," says Jennifer Bennett, Associate Vice President, Strategic Enrolment Management and chair of the Smoking on Campus committee. "It was crucial we look at the needs of all our groups to create a solution that works for everyone."

Under the previous policy, smoking was restricted to 10 meters from the entrance or exit to any SAIT building. The change will help eliminate the problem of that restriction not being followed.

Fit to quit

We all know smoking is bad for you. Blackened lungs and graphic mouth sores grace tobacco packaging as a reminder of the risk you're taking with your health every time you light up. On top of that, smoking has other impacts. It's an expensive, often isolating habit affecting relationships and quality of life.

SAIT provides resources to help students butt out for good. Find out how you can get started below.

quitting smoking infographic

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