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Make the most of your First8

Set yourself up for success when you start at SAIT

Set yourself up for success when you start at SAIT

Your first day at SAIT is approaching, and there's a lot to be excited about. It's time to conquer your stomping ground and that starts with your first eight - or, officially, your First8 - weeks.

Through First8, a variety of events - and current students offering their advice - will help you transition smoothly into your life at SAIT.

Knock out nerves with orientation

This casual approach before the beginning of classes is the ideal way to kick off your First8.

Curb any first-day jitters by finding where your classes will take place, introducing yourself to future instructors or meeting people in your cohort.

"New student orientation allows you to meet new people and be outside your comfort zone," says Jessica Leigh, Film and Video Production student.

By attending orientation, you have the chance to see the campus from your program's perspective and connect with other new students at the Mix and Mingle that suits you best. You'll learn about clubs, volunteer opportunities and connect with members of various communities.

Looking for a study spot, the LRT station or where you can grab a quick (and delicious) bite to eat? We've got you covered!

"I remember having all of my questions answered at orientation," says Luke Simms, Business Administration student. "It was great meeting teachers and fellow students afterwards."


Advice from #SAIT students

“Make the best of your time at SAIT, make new friends and try to do something out of your comfort zone.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask instructors for help!”

Connect with us:

We've got your back

We get it, starting a new school and meeting people is both exciting and nerve-wracking.

With the Peer Mentorship program, you'll be able to develop your networking, communication and collaboration skills - practice showing people just how awesome you are!

"To have someone there with you to help you through the hard times or just answer questions is really amazing," says Courtney Third, peer mentor, Business Administration student. "No matter how hectic your week is, you get an hour that's all about you, your goals and what you want to do."

Mentorship matters - it can make a huge difference in your life. Mentees and mentors are matched for one academic year from September to April. You can choose to be matched one-on-one or in a small group - face-to-face or via text.

Pushing past your boundaries

During your First8 weeks, you'll have the chance to participate in activities and social events which can help you gain confidence and insight into your student life.

Ranging from seminars about student success and awards labs, to the SAITSA clubs expo and study abroad opportunities - to name a few - the First8 calendar is packed with ways for you to get out and engage.

Deep breaths, a positive attitude and knowing you're not alone will help you make the most of your First8.

We can't wait to see you!

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