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Become a test prep expert and own your midterms

Feeling confident and prepared for an exam is one of the keys to academic success.

Feeling confident and prepared for an exam is one of the keys to academic success. Try these tips from SAIT's Academic Coaching team to combat those pre-exam jitters and help you feel ready to ace each test.

Know what to expect

Find out the format of your exam, what topics it will focus on and how much it's worth. Look in your course outline for learning objectives or ask your instructor for help.

Prepare your study materials

Gather your textbooks, class notes, previous assignments or quizzes and PowerPoint presentations and choose what's relevant based on the specific learning objectives to be tested.

Focus on creating summary sheets, flashcards, diagrams or concept maps according to the type of information you're studying.

Study smart

Working backwards from the date of your exam, schedule study sessions to avoid cramming.

Take frequent, short breaks - shorter sessions over several days are better than long study sessions - and switch up your topics to maintain concentration.

Test yourself

Cover your notes and try to recite the material from memory. Fill in blank charts/diagrams, complete practice questions and/or work with a study group.

Focus your attention on studying the information you don't know.

Manage exam anxiety

Sleep well — especially the night before your exam.

Eat well — stay hydrated and get active to reduce stress.

Look at the exam as an opportunity to show yourself how much you've learned - and don't forget to set aside time some you time to relax.

Connect with academic supports

Need help making a study plan, managing exam anxiety, improving your writing, finding research materials or just de-stressing? There are lots of resources on campus you can tap.

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Advice from #SAIT students

“You can do it. Life is made of challenges.”

“Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.”

“Take it one day at a time, focus on class, and it will all make sense and pay off one day.”

“Keep doing your best and work hard.”

“Attend class, and don’t get behind. Reach out to instructors if you need to!”

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