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Paving the way for zero emissions technology education with world-class certification

Paving the way for zero emissions technology education with world-class certification

SAIT continues to be a global leader in applied education through collaboration with BYD and NAIT.

Just imagine — an entire fleet of transit buses with zero emissions that run entirely on electricity. While the idea may seem far-off, the reality is right around the corner, and SAIT is at the forefront of making this transition to cleaner technology possible — not only in Alberta but around the world. 

In China today, Dr. Alex Zahavich, VP Corporate Development and Applied Research, signed a letter of intent with NAIT and BYD, one of China's largest companies specializing in battery technologies, to create a world-class certified training course for servicing Heavy Duty Electric Vehicles (HDEVs).

"SAIT is pleased to work in partnership with NAIT in this new Heavy Duty Electric Vehicles certification initiative," says Dr. David Ross, President and CEO of SAIT. "We are proud the Government of Alberta, and industry leader BYD, look to SAIT to produce a globally recognized, competency-based learning model that will help with the positive economic growth in the province."

Dr. Ross continues, "This unique alliance will help advance graduates' knowledge and allow them to gain valuable experience with a variety of technologies dedicated toward environmental sustainability."

The signing was also attended by the Premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley and other Government of Alberta officials. The Premier is currently on a trade mission in China to grow Alberta's capacity for clean technology and renewable energy. 

Putting students and industry needs first, worldwide

By partnering with NAIT to build, implement and teach the certified course, SAIT once again demonstrates its capability as a global leader in education. The courses will be taught by certified instructors via onsite training or remote delivery to service all types of HDEVs — buses, garbage trucks, airport service vehicles, courier vans and industrial-sized trucks — and will be translated into multiple languages to be taught worldwide.

The letter of intent also outlined a timeline including a formalization of the agreement within six months, with the anticipated start date of the training program following in one year's time.

As HDEV technology grows, the new program ensures SAIT continues to respond and adapt to demands from industry, while graduates continue to be movers, shakers and originals in the community. 

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