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Send a message to the year 2116

Contribute to the SAIT Centennial Time Capsule — tell us how life will be different in 100 years.

We need your input on a book we're designing for people living in 2116. We want to show them what life looked like in 2016/17 — online life, that is.

Since the digital realm is intangible, we can't just wrap up our social media accounts and pop them into the time capsule. Instead, we are capturing the look and information on our digital channels in 2016/17, printing it and binding it — just like the old days.

"In the last year, the SAIT community has said so much on social media this is one way preserve those conversations," says Cathy Downey, SAIT Centennial Director. "It's also a way for individuals to send a little piece of themselves into the future."

The book will be placed — alongside a wide range of other items — inside a container about the size of a rain barrel and lowered into the ground in front of Heritage Hall on Monday, June 5. Once sealed, the capsule will not be opened until 2116. 

We need content that will show folks in the future who we are — our personalities, our hopes and our wildest dreams. Comment with your answer to this week's question on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we'll include a screen shot of your contribution in the book. 

We're out for some good, clean fun — the best way to be included* as a part of history is to:

  • be creative
  • don't use profanity
  • be respectful
  • keep your comments brief
  • but not too brief (we will not include comments consisting only of a single name or word).

The questions

Question 1: How will life be different in 2016?
Question 2: What do you want to tell the future? 
Question 3: What should we put inside the #SAIT100 time capsule?

Comment with your answer on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

*We want to include as many contributions as possible, but we reserve the right to omit or truncate submissions for the book. 

Story update

Check out the PDF version of the completed book, Tell the Future

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