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Getting personal

A centennial social media campaign, #SAITstory, is sharing our colleagues, students and friends' deep connections with SAIT.

It's a unique view - one that isn't always seen through day-to-day interactions.

"SAIT's history is as rich as it is because of people who have crossed paths with this campus or called this place home throughout its first century," says Ashley Kascak, Content Specialist for the Centennial Project. "In celebration of our 100 years, we wanted to share stories about the people who have made, and continue to make, this place so special. #SAITstory gives us an outlet to do that."

What you didn't know

From a student story about making the sudden decision to attend SAIT - and then falling in love with the school - to an employee story that reflects SAIT as a safe place of refuge, #SAITstory has allowed for community members to share details of their relationship with SAIT they may not have otherwise.

"Each story is told through the voice of the individual being featured, which allows us to showcase SAIT's history from a very unique perspective," says Kascak. "Some of these stories are deeply personal and can be emotional, while others are quite funny or inspirational."

Krista Craig holds photo of her her father holding her as a baby

"SAIT became a place that I knew, I was familiar with it, and I was comfortable here..."

Krista Craig, JA '00 | SAIT employee, 15 years

Moses, SAIT Grad, holds a photo of his family

"I decided to come to SAIT to get my diploma and planned to go to uni after that. But then, I just fell in love with SAIT..."
- Moses Maina CVT '14 | BCMP '16

Share your own #SAITstory 

The campaign has been successful on social media - garnering likes, shares and comments across platforms. Though the stories are all as unique as the people telling them, they have one common tie - SAIT.

"Our institution is a place where lives have been touched in so many incredible ways. We have nearly 100 years of history in Calgary - SAIT has made an impact," says Kascak.

If you have something you'd like to share about your experience with SAIT, submit your story for a chance to have it featured on our social channels and sait.ca/100.

Check out Facebook, Instagram and sait.ca/100 every Tuesday throughout centennial - which formally wraps up spring 2017 - for a new #SAITstory.

Register to attend the centennial birthday celebration on Oct. 16, 2016.

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