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Daniel Caine (below) knows what he wants to do with the rest of his life and he credits SAIT Summer Camps for helping him find his way.

Four sessions as a SAIT summer camper coaxed Caine out of his comfort zone and onto his chosen path. Now he's looking forward to earning a Business Administration Diploma next spring and aiming at a career in the political arena.

...and the camper becomes the student

After being a camper at SAIT for many summers, Daniel Caine has joined the SAIT community as a School of Business student. Designed to help youth explore new things, develop their interests and make connections, SAIT's non-traditional camp offerings align to in-demand careers. There are camps to suit a wide variety of interests and many are taught by SAIT instructors and industry professionals through action-based learning.

"I gained a lot of practical knowledge in a risk-free environment and I learned what I was good at by trying different things," says Caine. "Camps were exciting and engaging and helped keep me curious about continuing to learn about business."

For a quietly confident person like Caine, SAIT Summer Camps offered a place to explore career options related to his interests. Along the way, he picked up skills to help him transition to post-secondary — making his first year at SAIT a lot easier.

"In camp, I asked a lot of questions and I got a lot out of the answers," he says. "I was already familiar with the campus and the School of Business and I was ready to get to work."

Caine says that one of the most valuable things he learned at camp was that a career is flexible.

"I learned that if I continued to pursue my interests, I could design a dynamic career with no limits."

Getting down to business

SAIT Summer Camp programming is designed to encourage youth to start thinking about education and career options as early as Grade 4.

At SAIT Summer Camps, Caine cultivated his interest in all things business. He discovered the energy industry in the Oil Tycoon camp, and learned about money and assets in Investment Masters. Aligned with real-world academic and career pursuits, camp helped Caine become an agent for his future.

Now that Caine is learning about business in the classroom, his thirst for knowledge remains unquenchable. According to David Cooper, Caine's first-year Supply Chain Management Instructor, Caine came to class armed with plenty of questions.

"Students like Daniel are keen and eager to learn everything there is to learn," says Cooper. "When they get a concept and you see the light bulb come on, that's the teaching moment — that's the reward."

Cooper says that understanding the supply chain will help Caine toward his political aspirations.

"It's is about managing relationships — knowing the customer, giving them what they want and making it as simple as you can along the way."

SAIT Summer Camps fill up quickly — see what camps are still available.

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