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Celebrating Craft and Design

A man uses a metal smoothing plane along a wooden board.

If you've ever seen brilliantly intricate, hand-carved wood artwork it's likely you will have stopped in your tracks to marvel at the magnificence.

In the same way, the incredible furniture, carvings, curiosities, marquetry and musical instruments showcased at SAIT's Cadmus 2016/17 Trades Teaching Chair project, Lignum Vitae: The Tree of Life invites you to experience works of craft and design that may well take your breath away.

Focusing on innovation partnership

2015/16 Cadmus Teaching Chair award recipient, Mick McGowan, SAIT Cabinetmaker instructor, crafted Lignum Vitae: The Tree of Life to elevate SAIT's world-class training, develop partnerships between SAIT and trade professionals and invite students and alumni to engage in action-based learning by submitting contributions to the project.

"The opportunity to organize and participate in this project has been an eye-opening journey," says McGowan. "I've met artisans from across the country, seen entries of astonishing complexity and creativity and discovered the wide reach of the SAIT alumni and students in the woodworking industry.

"I'm excited by the community that has formed around this project and look forward to strengthening these partnerships in the future."

A picture is worth a thousand words

Without a doubt, the contributions to the Lignum Vitae: Tree of Life gallery speak for themselves.

SAIT's Cadmus Trades Teaching Chair award is granted to a faculty member to foster excellence and innovation in teaching by developing a project, idea or concept that enhances his/her trade. 

If you'd like to learn more and experience the pieces up close, attend an unforgettable gallery opening or bid on any items in the exciting auction finale visit the gallery or register for an event

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