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Welcome to the new sait.ca

Through focus testing and other research, thoughts and opinions from students shaped the content and design for this version of sait.ca which went live Wednesday, Oct. 12.

Louise Neufeld, Manager, Marketing and Brand, and project manager for the sait.ca project, says research was crucial to in identifying what changes would have the highest impact.

"Web user expectations evolve so quickly — we were aiming to get ahead of the next curve, but mainly we were aiming to serve our students better," says Neufeld. "Our usability testing was all about ensuring students can find what they need quickly and easily."

The initial response has been great. The video below shows a few current students as they see the site for the first time.

Making the difference

Countless changes have been made for the improvement of sait.ca, but some of them will impact the user experience more than others.

Better search functionality

Close to half of sait.ca users go straight to the search bar to find what they're looking for. With a little help from Google search, the site now delivers relevant search results — it will even autofill search suggestions and forgive misspelled words.

Clearer program information

Research told us students want important program details in one place. The new program highlights pages include tuition, employment rates, program length and admission requirements, making it easy to compare programs.

Designed for mobile devices

Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and a computer on their desk — the expectation is that websites be responsive to all devices, big or small. The new sait.ca is mobile friendly, so visitors can read up on SAIT even while they ride the bus or get a haircut.

But wait, there's more

On top of these significant improvements to usability, you'll find numerous other upgrades across the site including: Google street view on campus, improved program listings, more relevant content for future, accepted and current students and the ability to create a personalized career and program guide that includes only the programs you choose.

Website work is never done

Changes to sait.ca are still underway — in fact, the site will never be completed.

"We see sait.ca as a constantly evolving," says Neufeld. "We are so proud of the site we launched, but we also know it's not perfect — it may never be perfect — we're constantly working to get it that much closer."

Tell us what you think of the new sait.ca by going to the footer and using the give feedback button.

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