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Innovation: A career with a purpose

Kai Fahrion (Apprenticeship Electrician '15) and Gursh Bal (Pre-employment Electrician '12) were the winners of SAIT's 2016 Build Your Business Competition.

"I was born in Germany and my parents always instilled how important the environment is. When we moved to Canada, we brought that with us. Gursh is the exact same way. When we met and realized we both had those passions — that's when we decided to start our company, Virtuoso Electric.

We were both working full time, so we began building the company on weekends and nights. We pretty much didn't sleep. Then we ended up winning the SAIT business competition. It was a real turning point for us.

Our biggest goal is to bring a sustainable lifestyle to the everyday person. To make it almost mindless for people to be efficient in the way they use their energy, the way they produce their energy and how they use transportation.

Living efficiently starts with an awareness of what you are doing. Being aware of where your electricity comes from. Being aware of what you do in everyday life and the impact you are having."

Kai Fahrion (Apprenticeship Electrician '15) and Gursh Bal (Pre-employment Electrician '12) were the winners of SAIT's 2016 Build Your Business Competition, a Dragon's Den-style event where their business plan was selected by a panel of judges to receive $5,000 donated by Joan and Jack Donald (Motor Mechanic Journeyman Certificate '58, Honorary Degree '12).

Impact Report: 2016/17 Centennial EditionImpact Report: 2016/17 Centennial Edition

Without the support of our generous donors, SAIT's success in the last 100 years would not have been possible and our second century would not be as bright.

Please enjoy this special edition of the Donor Report that features first-hand stories from people whose lives were changed through SAIT. 

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