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Care: 100 philanthropic projects for 100 years

It was a natural fit for Jodi to work at SAIT as the centennial volunteer coordinator.

"The first time I can remember volunteering was at the old General Hospital. I was 14 and I volunteered in the pediatric ward, playing with the kids. I've been a volunteer ever since.

So when I first came to SAIT as a student, I said, ‘I'm getting involved!'

In 2015, I was hired as the volunteer coordinator for SAIT's centennial team. One task was to organize the volunteers for the 100 Projects Project, which aimed to celebrate SAIT's centennial by completing 100 philanthropic projects by 2017.

There were projects helping students, helping staff and helping out in the community.

One project that stands out for me is the Pathway Cleanup in March. It was really cold and rainy. Still, 50 people came out and we had to literally tell them to leave at the end. We just created great experiences for all of our volunteers.

Calgary has a long history of volunteerism, but you really see it clearly at SAIT. I'm always astounded by how many people will step up. Any time we put out a call for volunteers — boom — we got people.

By February 2017 we had completed 100 projects, so we decided to aim for 150 projects to celebrate Canada's birthday. When we hit that goal, we kept going and, by June 2017, we had recorded 203 projects.

The whole movement was amazing to me. We really did bring the SAIT spirit out into the community."

Lifelong volunteer Jodi Currie has volunteered for the Red Cross and the Calgary Humane Society, among others. She even volunteered to walk the tortoise at the Calgary Zoo. So it was a natural fit for Jodi to volunteer during her studies at SAIT, and to work at SAIT as the centennial volunteer coordinator.

Impact Report: 2016/17 Centennial EditionImpact Report: 2016/17 Centennial Edition

Without the support of our generous donors, SAIT's success in the last 100 years would not have been possible and our second century would not be as bright.

Please enjoy this special edition of the Donor Report that features first-hand stories from people whose lives were changed through SAIT. 

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