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A #SAITGIVES challenge

SAIT donor Regan Anderson has set the hashtag challenge for this year's Giving Day in support of students.

Regan Anderson (Network Engineering Technology '06) is a Principal Consultant at F5 Networks, which provides services and security for enterprise-grade apps. As an alumnus, Anderson has also become a community liaison, philanthropist and frequent donor to SAIT.

"I didn't have to worry about paying for my education when I went to SAIT," he says. "I was very lucky to have my parents pay the bill, but that wasn't the case for other people in my class. I saw them go through financial hardships to get an education, and that was one of the big reasons why I wanted to give back."

Anderson is the donor behind the Hashtag Challenge as part of SAIT Giving Day on Oct. 30. If there are 1,000 uses #SAITGIVES on social media between 10 am on Oct. 30 and 10 am on Oct. 31, he will donate $1,000 toward the campaign for student success.

Deciding to give back

Born and raised in Calgary, Anderson went to MidSun School and then Lord Beaverbrook High School. "High school was actually my first exposure to some of what I decided to study at SAIT," Anderson says. And, once at SAIT, Anderson was inspired in other ways as well.

"I liked the instructors I had, and I liked how they were all people from industry. When presenting a lecture or a lab, they would often talk about their own experiences working as professionals in their industry," Anderson says.

Once he had graduated and was himself working, Anderson decided he wanted to give back by donating to the SAIT Opportunities Fund. The fund helps SAIT students every day by supporting programs and projects not covered by tuition or government. "

I think you're pretty vulnerable when you're in school, because you can't work full time," Anderson says. "You're not making a lot of money but you still have to pay for your education. Just surviving that time can be really stressful, and I don't think that should be someone's worry while they go to school."

Giving Day

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