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Making athletic dreams a reality

Two-time Trojans student-athlete and Olympian Melanie McCann thanks the SAIT Adopt-A-Trojan program for allowing her to continue to competing at the national level.

Two-time Trojans student-athlete Melanie McCann is also a two-time Olympic Games competitor who, thanks to the SAIT Adopt-A-Trojan program, continues to compete at the national level.

While studying at SAIT for her Civil Engineering Technology diploma, McCann raced on the Trojans women's cross-country team. After graduating in 2010, she moved home to Ottawa, Ontario to train in modern pentathlon. She used a six-year period between 2010 and 2016 to qualify for, and compete in, two separate Olympic Games: the 2012 Olympic Games and the 2016 Olympic Games.

"After the 2016 Olympics, I decided to return to SAIT and enrol in the Bachelor of Business Administration program with a major in Marketing," McCann says. "I decided that, since I was back at SAIT, it was natural for me to join the cross-country team again and become a Trojan."

The Adopt-A-Trojan program is one of the priority funds for Giving Day 2018 on Oct. 30. Last season, funding from the Adopt-a-Trojan program helped SAIT's cross-country teams qualify for the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association Championships. Donors to the program can choose the team they want to support and funds help pay for non-conference travel to important competitions, scholarships, equipment, and other related expenses.

"Thanks to this support, we were able to fly a full men's and women's cross-country team, plus support staff and coaches, to the CCAA national competition in Montreal," McCann says. "I thank the donors — and the support of the whole alumni network — for making that trip happen," she says. "We were able to perform really well in our respective disciplines, too — the men's team finished bronze overall, and the women's team finished silver overall. We got there thanks to all the help from the Adopt-A-Trojan program."

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