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The courage to try

Finding a career after university proved to be no easy task, but Julianna Franklin-Hindemith wanted more out of life than just a certificate and an office job.

"I was finishing up my last year and I had that university panic," she says. Franklin-Hindemith had considered a range of careers, but it was an elective she took at university called "Law and Society" during her music studies that piqued her interest. Right away, she says, she loved how law constantly changed and protected people. The course inspired her to change her focus and it brought her to SAIT.

In 2014, she chose SAIT's Legal Assistant program for a more hands-on experience. "I looked at the employment rate, and that was also a really big deciding factor for me."

Franklin-Hindemith was still burdened with debt from her student loans but that didn't stop her from looking for something greater at SAIT. While finding a well-paying job was important, a fulfilling career was even more crucial.

"As I'm getting older, I'm realizing that a grade isn't the only thing that matters in school," she says. "The point of post-secondary is to find out who you are."

In search of this goal, Franklin-Hindemith became committed to finding a student club that would build her confidence and work ethic.

Franklin-Hindemith joined the Legal Assistant Society in her first year at SAIT and, she says, she instantly felt at home. She says people around her supported and learned from each other, creating networks with industry leaders and innovators that opened doors wide for her professional development.

In her second year, she was selected to receive the Mr. Hezekiah Wuwu Memorial award for her dedication to professionalism, teamwork and courtesy to her fellow students.

Franklin-Hindemith says it relieved some of her financial stress. She was used to working part-time as a server all through high school and post-secondary, but the scholarship allowed her to study without having to work an extra job in her final semester. For the first time, Franklin-Hindemith says she could focus on school and the community she loved.

"I could volunteer for the Legal Assistants' Society. I became the president of the club and it allowed me to devote all my time and attention to my fellow students."

Franklin-Hindemith says being recognized for her achievements gave her the courage to seize new challenges. "Getting a pat on the back sometimes makes you feel better about yourself and inspires you take on new opportunities and responsibilities."

Written by Jolisa Tweedie
SAIT Journalism Student

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