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What’s course withdrawal and why would you do it?

Your commitments may require you to make changes to your course load — learn how and when to change your schedule. There are two main ways you can make changes after the term starts.

Add/drop courses

You may want to add or drop a course for any number of reasons. You can do this within the first few days of a semester. The actual time you have depends on the length of your term. Typically, for 15-week courses you have until the second Friday of the term.

Make sure to speak with your program advisor or academic chair before changing your schedule. They can help you understand any potential impact on your upcoming semesters. They’ll also let you know if the change can be made online or if you need to speak to someone.

Any individual courses you cancel during this time will result in a credit for the full course fee. This will be applied to tuition in your future semesters. You’ll be eligible for a refund equal to 50% of your tuition if you cancel your full program. Any mandatory fees or tuition deposits will not be refunded. Review tuition and fees for refund information.

👉 But what about after the deadline to add or drop courses has passed? You might want to consider course withdrawal.

Course withdrawal

Course withdrawal is for when you need to make changes to your schedule after the add/drop deadline. This must be done before you complete 70% of your course or program.

Often, course withdrawal is a good option if you’re not achieving the grades you need to complete the course successfully. You’ll be assigned a ‘W’ grade which has no impact on your GPA or academic standing. While the withdrawal may not impact your academic standing, you’ll also receive no refund and it will count as an attempt. Students are only allowed a maximum of two course attempts.

Review the AC.3.1.1 Grading and Progression Policy and Procedure for more information.

Review tuition and fees for information about our refund policy.

If you do decide to withdraw from your course, you’ll need to speak with your academic chair or program advisor — they’ll help you complete a withdrawal form. They’ll also help you understand how a withdrawal impacts future semesters and advise about any next steps when you’re ready to take the course again.

📅 Review important dates to find the dates you need to know each term

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