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SAIT Update 09.21.2020

Level up your next online class or virtual meetup

Join your classes and virtual meetups on Zoom and Teams just like you’re on campus.

Have an upcoming video call? Don’t just dial-in with your living room as background — send your transmission from a SAIT-styled office or the ever-popular parking garage!

💾 Download your favourites — there are nine different #hereatSAIT options.

6 ways to keep up and stay motivated with online learning

Featuring #4 Own your space

Choose your study spot and make it sing. If possible, try to separate your study area from the space you use for relaxation.

Create an environment that helps you focus:

  • Look for natural light.
  • Add some ambient noise instead of music.
  • Try to designate a single study spot.
  • Eliminate distractions.

Plus, keep your digital files organized and your learning materials within reach — online and in your physical space. Make sure you can access what you need from where you are. Your materials might include your computer, headphones, a pen, some paper and your readings.

📖 Read: 6 ways to keep up and stay motivated with online learning

Share your SAIT experience and add to your co-curricular record

We're looking for the photographers, storytellers, road trip DJs, community builders and social media experts here at SAIT. Sound like you? Apply to the Student Content Team!

Coming up in the calendar

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📅  International Day of Peace - "The Dream" film screening | Monday, Sept. 21, 3 pm

📅 BOD Election Nomination Period #1 Closes | Tuesday, Sept. 22, noon

📅 Virtual career conversations | Wednesday, Sept. 23, 11 – 12:30 pm

📅 Success seminar: Get what you need from what you read | Wednesday, Sept. 23, noon or 3 pm

📅 Google Scholar for research | Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2 pm

📅 Thanksgiving Day (SAIT closed) | Monday, Oct. 12

Find more important dates for 2020/21.

Check in with yourself and check out these resources

Support during times of uncertainty
👉 See contact info, self-help resources and 8 ideas for coping with isolation

Technical support
💻  Find login, software and troubleshooting info

We've got you covered
👉  Services are still available + contact info

Take time out for mindfulness
 Help improve memory and reduce negative emotions

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