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SAIT Update 07.29.2020

Aldred building

Manage your time with the tomato technique

What does a tomato have to do with time management? How can the tomato technique help you avoid burnout when you're studying?

🍅 Meet Shauna, one of SAIT's awesome academic coaches, and get some insider tips on studying smart

Mentorship matters: Be a peer mentor this fall!

Boost your leadership skills and help a new student adjust to student life. Support student success by referring your mentee to useful resources, encouraging them to get involved and providing guidance on how to succeed at SAIT.

The mentorship period for the Fall 2020 term begins Monday, Sept. 21. Since we're mostly studying online this semester, mentorship will also kick off online. Connect with your mentee by text, phone, video chat and more. Check out the program details and sign up!

Pro tips for happy campers

Nothing says summer like cozying up by a campfire under a blanket of stars. Level up your camping cuisine, capture camping memories like a pro and don't skip dessert — campfire orange muffin, anyone?

🏕️ We’ve rounded up tips from the SAIT community to help elevate your next outdoor adventure.

Upcoming events and important dates

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Check in with yourself and check out these resources

Support during times of uncertainty
👉 See contact info, self-help resources and 8 ideas for coping with isolation

Technical support
💻 Find login, software and troubleshooting info

We've got you covered
👉 Services are still available + contact info

Take time out for mindfulness
Help improve memory and reduce negative emotions

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