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Untangle life's stresses and challenges with TAO

Therapist Assisted Online self-help

Therapist Assisted Online (TAO) is a collection of exercises, modules and personal wellness courses designed to help you manage your own emotional well-being. SAIT students have free, unlimited access to TAO self-help content. Find out more about self-help tools and resources


Sign up for TAO

  • Go to TAO and click Sign Me Up.
  • Use your SAIT email address to register.
  • You’ll use enrollment keys to access personal wellness courses online, but you don’t need to complete this field to register. Also note, the demographic section is optional.
  • Complete the Informed Consent form.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation link by email. Click on the link in the email to complete your registration and log in.
  • Once you log in, you’ll need to change your password.

Access personal wellness courses online

  • Log in to TAO.
  • Click the My TAO tab in the blue bar. 
  • Click Enroll yourself in a TAO course.
  • Enter the enrollment key for the course you want to access — featured courses are listed below.
  • Courses may include one or more Pathways. Once you’ve selected the course, you’ll be redirected to a welcome page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the My Pathways section and click to open. From there, you’ll see a list of modules to complete.
  • If you’re enrolled in multiple courses, use the My TAO tab to navigate between them.


Managing times of uncertainty

Develop positive coping tools to manage the stress and chaos often associated with times of transition and uncertainty. 

Course group: Managing Uncertainty
Enrollment key: Uncertainty_2020

Pathway: Let go and be well

  • Module 3: Thinking mind vs. observing mind and acceptance
  • Module 5: Values
  • Module 6: Taking action

Pathway: Calming your worry

  • Module 2: Relaxation and anxiety reduction
  • Module 5: Facing your fears
  • Module 6: Lifestyle factors
Relaxation tips and tricks

School and life can be demanding. Finding ways to relax and manage stress contributes to greater personal well-being and academic success. Learn the different approaches to relaxation, pick the best fit for you and apply it to your daily life.  

Course group: Relaxation tools
Enrollment key: Relaxation_2020

Pathway: Calming your worry

  • Module 2: Relaxation and anxiety reduction
  • Module 4: Mindfulness
Worry less

Do you worry about worrying or struggle with racing thoughts? Worry can be exhausting and can take valuable time away from the things that matter in life. Learn proven strategies to reduce stress and worry.

Course group: Worry less
Enrollment key: Worry_2020

Pathway: Calming your worry

  • Module 1: Understanding worry and anxiety
  • Module 2: Relaxation and anxiety reduction
  • Module 3: Thoughts, assumptions and core belief
  • Module 5: Facing your fears
  • Module 6: Lifestyle factors

📅 Upcoming webinars

  • Managing Stressful Situations: Wednesday, Aug. 26 | Register
  • Online Wellness Tour with Student Development and Counselling: Friday, Sept. 4 | Register
  • Keeping up and finding motivation with online learning: Thursday, Sept. 10 | Register

📅 Stress Less Workshop Series

  • Building a Stress Less Plan: Tuesday, Nov. 3 | Register
  • Relaxation Tips and Tricks: Tuesday, Nov. 10 | Register
  • Improving Sleep: Tuesday, Nov. 17 | Register

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