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SAIT Update 04.16.2020

Final grades for Winter 2020

Grading and progression guidelines, necessitated by COVID-19, have been carefully considered to ensure students are provided academic, financial and administrative support through these unprecedented times.

NEW: For the Winter 2020 term, upon completion of a course and notification of a letter grade, students will now have one of three options: a letter grade, a credit grade or course withdrawal.

After you receive your course grade, you’ll receive an email with a link to a form and a deadline date to confirm your chosen option.

We encourage you to speak to your academic chair or program advisor to understand the best option for you.

👉 Learn more about your options and timelines for making your choice.

Claim your CCR

It's time to add your co-curricular activities to your record. All activities must be posted to your co-curricular record (CCR) by May 15 so they can be validated. Given current circumstances, students will be eligible for CCR as long as they have completed at least 80% of activity requirements. Log in to My Career Hub to get started.

Rest for success

Sleep is crucial to wellness and productivity. A healthy adult typically needs between six and eight hours of sleep within every 24-hour period.

Prioritizing sleep helps optimize your energy levels, memory, learning ability and productivity — not to mention improve your mood, decrease your stress levels and indirectly better your people interactions by making you more 😃.

📖 Try these tips and rest for success.

Check in with yourself and check out these resources

Support during times of uncertainty
👉 See contact info, self-help resources and 8 ideas for coping with isolation

Technical support
💻 Find login, software and troubleshooting info

We've got you covered
👉 Services are still available + contact info

Financial hardship
✉️ If you're a current SAIT student experiencing financial hardship, we may be able to help — contact early.alert@sait.ca.

Study smart
📚 Ramp up your study skills

Take time out for mindfulness
Help improve memory and reduce negative emotions

Current information and a set of evolving FAQs are available at sait.ca/covid19.

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