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Support during times of uncertainty

Support is available to help you cope with stress and isolation during this time of uncertainty

The regular and ever-changing news about COVID-19 can leave many of us feeling worried and unsure. Even if you’re not physically on campus, you’re still part of the SAIT community and support is still available. 

Counselling support 

This is a difficult and uncertain time, and your mental health is important. Student Development and Counselling is available for support by phone at 403.284.7023, Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm.

Students can also reach out directly to community resources for support, including:

Spiritual support

Interfaith Centre chaplains and staff are available for students seeking spiritual support during this time. Contact us Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm by email at interfaith@sait.ca or contact a chaplain

👉 Check this out: The Interfaith Centre is hosting  Virtual Communi-Tea events every Wednesday. 

Online support

Social distancing and self-isolation can be an opportunity for self-care. Use this time to step back from the fast pace of life and establish healthy online connections and coping tools. There are a variety of self-help resources available online. 

TAO Self-Help 

Sign up for TAO using your SAIT email address to get free, unlimited access to videos and skill-building exercises from your phone, tablet or desktop. 

Resilience 101: Tools for Lasting Success 

Register for Resilience 101 online by emailing  resilience.101@sait.ca

7 Cups online community

Connect to anonymous and  confidential online chat with trained listeners in 40 languages, 24/7. Plus, build new skills a little at a time, gain confidence and learn to focus on the positive with special content for SAIT students.   

Ideas for healthy coping

Establish meaningful connections

Shift from texting to voice or video calling to feel more connected to others.

Set boundaries for yourself

Limit the time you spend looking at news to an hour a day. 

Replace fear with facts

Make use of credible news sources and avoid panic and misinformation.

Look forward to the future

Humans have an incredible capacity to adapt and bounce back in difficult times.

Connect with nature

Getting outside has a number of benefits.

🚶 Exercise in fresh air will make you feel better and contribute to keeping your immune system healthy. 

🍃 Looking at nature can remind you of all that is alive and well. At this season, birds are starting to sing and some are getting ready to nest. Watching this can be comforting, uplifting or at least pleasantly distracting.

Directly address your worry and anxiety

There are several helpful strategies for this. Try writing down your thoughts when you find yourself ruminating or obsessing. Go back through them and note which seem like beliefs vs. facts. Ask yourself if the thought is helpful or unhelpful.

Take a break and calm your mind

Explore mindfulness practices by visiting TAO or incorporating a mindfulness podcast or app into your life.

👉 Check this out: Practicing mindfulness can help improve memory and reduce negative emotions. Make a moment mindful with these tips from SAIT’s Student Development and Counselling team.

👉 Check this out: Student Development and Counselling is hosting Mindful Moments Online every Tuesday. 

Establish a daily routine

Try to make the unpredictable feel more manageable and in your control by establishing a daily routine. Make self-care a priority.

We've got you covered

Review a list of additional student supports available.


Remember, even if you’re not physically on campus, you’re still part of the SAIT community. 

Current information and a set of evolving frequently asked questions are also available at sait.ca/covid19 .

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