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Job interviews 101: After the interview

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Great news! They got your resumé, you got the call. Now what?

A job interview can be the most exciting and nerve wracking part of advancing your career. Let’s get practical with some advice from the experts in Career Advancement Services. Check out the final installment of a three-part series featuring tips for before, during and after the interview.

After the interview

Do a debrief

When you’re clear of the interview room, office, building or computer screen take a minute to collect your thoughts. Ask yourself: what went well, what didn’t, what do you think of the company, is this somewhere you want to work? Take notes so you have something to review.

Show appreciation

Write a personalized thank you email within 24 hours of the interview. Let your contact know you appreciate their time, you’re happy to answer additional questions and remind them how to contact you.

Follow up

Start by introducing yourself and don’t forget to mention the position you interviewed for. Ask where things are in the hiring process, and if they’ve made a decision. If you do get the job, celebrate! If you don’t, don’t be afraid to ask what you can improve on for future interviews.

Finally, don’t beat yourself up over an interview. Doing well in a job interview is a skill that needs practice. Use every interview as a learning opportunity.

Upcoming interview? Remember:

  • A pen and notebook.
  • Prepare three questions about the job (write them in your notebook 😉).
  • Water.
  • If you’re asked for a portfolio, be selective, make sure it’s organized.
  • If you’re dressing for business, skip the back pack.

Career advice from a classmate

“Don’t think you have the perfect resumé or your interview skills are perfect. Prepare. The best way to get help is to book an appointment with Career Advancement Services.

They made me feel so comfortable, especially with the interview process. My practice interview made me feel so much better and helped with my confidence. I felt better and I know I did better in my interview after that.”

Mariam Adeleke
Third-year Bachelor of Applied Technology Petroleum Engineering student

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