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Your job hunt starts when you start at SAIT

Get career — and Career Fair — ready with help from the Student Employment and Career Centre

Get career ready with help from Career Advancement Services

Whether you're graduating soon or just started your program, it makes sense to start preparing for your job hunt while you're in school. There are things you can do throughout your program to set yourself up for success after graduation. Remember, depending on your program, you may have more or less time to check these off your list. 

First semester

Second semester 

  • Look for a summer, part-time or practicum position.
  • Have your resumé and cover letter reviewed — consultations are available in person and by email.
  • Sign up for a practice interview through the Career Advancement Services.
  • Try out your elevator pitch with friends and classmates.
  • Attend Career Fair (Feb. 25, 2020) and practice speaking to employers.

Third semester 

  • Update your resumé with any experience you've gained.
  • Start practicing your networking skills — attend events, such as industry night, and look for additional co-curricular activities that can help build your professional skills.
  • Become active in your program's club and expand your reach into industry.
  • Follow companies you're interested in on social media to familiarize yourself with their values — find ways to demonstrate those values in your school, work, volunteering and professional communications.

Fourth semester 

  • Update your resumé again with all the experience and skills you've gained during your program.
  • Reach out to the network you've established to let them know you're getting close to graduation — ask if they can refer you.
  • Attend Career Fair (Feb. 25, 2020) — apply for jobs!
  • Practice your interview skills.
  • Continue to grow your network.

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