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7 ways to win at winter

Winter’s almost here — the days are shorter, the temperature’s dropping, we’ve already seen some snow and people are digging out their winter gear. If you’re ready for it, though, you’ll discover ‘worth it’ moments throughout the season.

We asked the #SAIT community for tips on how to make winter awesome — here’s what they said.

1. You can’t have fun if you’re freezing

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“Don’t buy just any winter boots — make sure they’re slip resistant, really warm” @canadian_student_chef

“Socks!!! Make sure you wear nice warm ones and pack extra in your bag, just in case!” @jessieleigh98

“LAYERS AND LAYERS. Remember, it’s always easier to layer up than layer down!!” @meow16x

“Layer your clothes, classrooms are really warm, but it’s often chilly outside” @angeliquechuang

2. Driving? Snow tires and …

“Tip – keep a blanket in your car and I always keep cat litter in my trunk to get my car unstuck.” @channy1221

3. Be careful when it’s icy

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Pro tip: walk like a penguin

And if you do fall (and you’re OK), try out this piece of advice:

“If you fall on ice, just start laughing and people will laugh along 😂” @ghandour856

4. All you need is snow

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“Snow fun, layer up. Done.” @goodvibesfj

“I could make a snow angel. It makes me feel fresh, it’s Christmas too.” @djhustle17

“Build a snowman” @alatedelimon

5. Winter math: mountains + sports = Fun

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“Try to do new winter activities, try a new sport” @marcepereira31

“Ski! Go learn how to ski or snowboard or even go get a sled!” @hannahjihyun

“Free ice skating!” @Sereiyn_54

“Get out to the mountains! Snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, freshest air 🥰” @lindsaylita

“Winter activities! Skiing ⛷ and boarding and skating. Getting out to the mountains is fun!” @ollieatsait

Pro tip: Saitsa has discounted lift tickets and there’s a SAIT Ski and Snowboard Club.

6. When it gets cold, you need to warm up

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“Play some jazz music and have a cup of tea while watching the snow falling 💕 it is awesome!” @aletedelimon

“Winter is awesome because you can be at home, listen to Christmas songs and chill.” @omgitsdavy

“All those warm drinks!! Ask for gift cards for them for the holidays ☕️”

“Mulled wine 🍷” @adisunandstars

“You can wrap yourself up in a blanket like a burrito all day, every day and not get judged.” @itsmissgabriel

Pro tip: there are nine place on main campus to buy a hot drink.

7. Winter is beautiful

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“Snow is beautiful, and I love how quiet it gets after a big snowfall.” @channy1221

“Because when the sun shines on it, it sparkles and makes everything look magical ❄️⛄️” @blondie07

“Coz everyone look cool in winter 😎🤪” @_bruukk_

Some days you may have doubts about winter…

“WINTER IS HORRIBLE!” @katie_doak

But remember…

“Acceptance is the key to anything great! ✌🏽” @jnorm74

Enjoy this winter and share your best moments with #SAIT.

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