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Simple ways to spread kindness

It's World Kindness Day. Here are three ways to spread kindness today and every day.

Gather friends and share a meal.

What goes better with food than friends? Share a meal to foster connections. Kaj – a Journalism student and SAIT Student Calling Program Team Lead – gathered with her co-workers to break bread and bond over lunch for World Kindness Day.

Two friends smile at the camera.

Share words of encouragement. You never know how those words might lift someone up.

Candy – a SAIT Business student, Resident Assistant and member of the Saitsa Board of Directors – spread kindness by sharing words of encouragement around campus as a reminder to be kind to ourselves and to others.

Pay it forward!

Perk up someone’s mood by buying them a coffee – that’s what Film and Video Production student Jason decided to do with his extra change. A simple gesture like this can go a long way and have a large ripple effect.

Two people smiling with coffees.

Kudos to our Student Content Team for the inspiration — wishing everyone a heartening World Kindness Day. 💙❤️💜

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