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Try these tips to catch more Zs

Sleep is crucial to wellness and productivity — are you getting enough?

A healthy adult typically needs between six and eight hours of sleep within every 24-hour period.

Prioritizing sleep helps optimize your energy levels, memory, learning ability and productivity — not to mention improve your mood, decrease your stress levels and indirectly better your people interactions by making you more 😃. 

You’re getting sleepy, very sleepy…

Make sleep a priority with these tips from SAIT’s Student Development and Counselling team.

  • Sleep is triggered by a combination of internal and external signals. A balanced lifestyle, exercise, and exposure to natural light and fresh air during the day all help promote good sleep at night.
  • Bedtime routines are an easy way to help you relax before hitting the hay. Make yours peaceful by turning down the heat and noise, and turning off your screen. Try prepping for the next day or doing simple household tasks — even setting a nightly personal hygiene regimen can help signal to your brain that it’s time to get sleepy.
  • If you have difficulty falling asleep, there’s one general rule: the harder you try, the less likely you are to doze off. Instead of constantly checking the clock, focus on something soothing, simple and repetitive.
  • Temporary sleep difficulties are normal, but chronic sleep deprivation contributes to a number of problems. Consider connecting with a counsellor or a sleep specialist to develop a personalized plan.

Power down to power up

Did you know?  

  • While you’re sleeping, your brain rewires itself, making it possible to learn and remember.
  • Deep sleep and dreaming promotes problem solving.
  • Sleep helps your body release hormones that promote healing and gives your brain a chance to clear out toxins it has accumulated during waking hours.

Focus on well-being

From Wellness Checks to Mindful Moments, there are lots of great events on campus — plus online tools — to help you focus on well-being. Check the event calendar, see what's up at Saitsa's Peer Support Centre or try out some interactive self-help resources.

Student success is at the core of SAIT’s values, and mental health and well-being is vital to that success. Through collaborative action and an inclusive spirit of community support, SAIT’s Student Mental Health Strategy will foster a climate for learning that empowers our students to thrive.

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