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Make a plan to master time management

It’s week three of your First8 and it’s a great time to get organized.

Support your success with a schedule that works and master time management.

Why make a schedule? Routine helps with focus and maintaining that calm feeling you have when you're, well, calm. Planning ahead can help you feel prepared — not scared — for what's next.

Grab your day planner, timetable and course outlines, open your Google calendar or favourite calendar app, and start your schedule.

First, mark down your classes and lab times

Plot your deadlines and exams too. Record everything that counts for marks and how much each is worth for the whole semester — this will help you prioritize projects.

Also, mark important dates at SAIT, such as add/drop and withdrawal deadlines, and holidays.

Next, jot down your other standing commitments

This means incorporating your work schedule, meetings, sports and social engagements, and special occasions — skip those belated birthday cards.

Then, book study time each day

Be realistic, but remember, multiple shorter sessions are far less painful than a few last minute slogs. To really activate your study skills, try this:

  • Before class: review old material and preview upcoming material
  • In class: participate, take notes, listen
  • After class: review new material, edit your notes
  • Weekly review: complete your readings, update your materials, summarize your notes
  • Study session: test yourself using flash cards, practice questions and your summary sheets

And, don't forget...

Do you get ‘hangry' if you miss a meal or just angry if you're short on z's? So do most people. Book time to eat and sleep. Noon doesn't work for everyone for lunch and there's nothing wrong with taking a nap, especially when you know you're going to need it.

Daily physical activity is a stress buster. Get active — write it down, then take a walk, go to the gym...

Book time for fun — actually put it in your calendar. Consider it a reward after a tough day or a busy week.

Finally, make sure you build flexibility into your schedule.

The idea behind a schedule is to give you a big picture look at everything on your plate — a schedule brings all the things together in one place. Try to stick with it, but don't be afraid to move things around or update the next week or month based on your experience.

Get more helpful advice on mastering time management and more at the upcoming Student Success Seminar: Master Time Management, Wednesday, March 11, noon - 1 pm or 3 - 4 pm. Or drop by the Lamb Learner Success Centre anytime.

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