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It's a great time to master time management

A female student reads while sitting in between the bookshelves in the Reg Erhardt Library at SAIT.

So, it's week three of your First8 weeks. Have you figured out when and where to grab coffee without having to wait in line? What about the fastest route between your classes? Or the absolute last train you can catch before you're late for school?

Every minute counts.

Whether you're a new student or a returning one, time flies — when you're having fun, working on a project and when you're studying.

Good time management is one of the keys to academic success. If you're worried about finding you have too much to do and not enough time, try these tips from SAIT's Academic Coaching team to master time management:

Block time in your calendar

Make a visual plan and record time for everything: classes, work, labs — include time to sleep, eat, hangout with family/friends — literally everything! Block the gaps for prep work, study time and weekly review.

Put procrastination on hold

Break down large projects into smaller tasks, motivate yourself by establishing a reward for completing a particular task and don't expect perfection the first time — just focus on getting things done.

Protect and maximize your time

Manage interruptions by turning off your phone when you're studying. Focus on your priorities and maximize your high-energy times by using them for only the most important tasks.

SAIT's academic coaches are here to help you develop your active learning skills, including time management.

Need help making a study plan, organizing information for better recall or squeezing only the most vital information out of your textbooks? We'll show you how!

Drop by an upcoming Student Success Seminar: Master Time Management — Wednesday, Sept. 12, noon to 1 pm or 3 to 4 pm in MC209, Stan Grad Centre. Or book a one-on-one appointment with Academic Coaching any time during the school year.

Advice from #SAIT students

"Don't be afraid to ask instructors for help!"

"Suck it up and do your homework. Wing Wednesday will still be there when you finish."

"Study a bit every day."

"Time management is key! Never forget to take care of yourself." 

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