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5 reasons you should get involved with Co-Curricular Record

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A Co-Curricular Record (CCR) officially acknowledges activities outside the classroom and helps you stand out on the job search. Here are five reasons you should get involved:

1. Make connections

It can be easy to feel boxed in by the classroom when you're deep in the trenches of assignments and exams. Shake things up and get to know your fellow students — sign up for a CCR activity.


2. Strengthen soft skills

There's a whole range of skills employers are looking for that aren't necessarily taught in the classroom. Join a CCR activity to develop things like leadership, collaboration and innovation competencies that will give you an advantage in your future job search.

3. Try something new

CCR lets you dive into activities that might even strike a brand-new passion. SAITSA has many student volunteer programs — get involved on campus, help your fellow students and earn CCR credit.


4. Beef up your resume

The search for that first post-graduation job can be daunting — especially in this job market. Stand out by handing prospective employers an official record of your co-curricular activities along with your academic transcript.


5. Get a job

Dazzle prospective employers during the interview process by highlighting the soft skills you've acquired through CCR activities. Tangible proof of something like an aptitude for leadership — and your ability to articulate how you got there — might be the extra oomph that gets you the job.


Head over to My Career Hub to find out more about CCR, and register and track your co-curricular activities.

To get started, create your account on My Career Hub.

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