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Top 8 places to study on campus

Two SAIT students studying in the library.

Some of our more popular study spaces — like the Reg Erhardt Library and Tim Hortons in Senator Burns — can get busy during exam time, making it difficult to find a spot. We asked our Instagram followers, SAIT students and alumni, where they like to study on campus and why. The results are in.

If you're looking for a quiet space, try...

1. Reg Erhardt Library, Stan Grad Centre

"Everybody's there to study and there are no distractions. Library carrels also provide enough space for my laptop and notes and everything."

- @ozzynne, Journalism student

"I like the dead silence on the bottom floor of the library. It allows me to listen to music at a low level through my headphones and removes distractions."

- @moreofme, Journalism student

"I feel the library is a very adaptable environment for students. The upstairs is great for just generalized studying or group... the downstairs is a great student spot for intense study sessions because of the quiet zone."

- @lukesimms, Business Administration student

2. 1st floor, Johnson-Cobbe Energy Centre

"It is very quiet in those study areas after 7 pm."

- @elainelammm, Business Administration student

If you like a coffeehouse atmosphere, consider...

3. The Odyssey, Campus Centre

"When I was a student it was the best for me because of the feel of a coffee shop style without leaving campus and not as loud."

- @myleslhc, ACST '10, BA '14

"It's just a really relaxed place to study, there's always mellow music and easy access to outlets."

- @c.f.m.98, Graphic Communications and Print Technologies student

"Chill, not too loud, and the coffee has some real kick to it for cram sessions."

- @yippyipp_, EMT Paramedic student

If you need a group space, visit...

4. 2nd floor, Stan Grad Centre

"It's quiet, private, you get sun, have a nice view of campus, close to everything and it's a great place to have a study group since four of you can be right beside each other."

- @relijun, New Media Production and Design alumni

5. Aldred Centre 

"We like Aldred because it's spacious, quiet, and there's always a spot available when we need it!"

- @lwwan, Graphic Communications and Print Technologies student

Need a change from your current go-to? Check out...

6. 2nd floor, Johnson-Cobbe Energy Centre 

"I love sitting upstairs and having quick access to food, coffee, and a calmly lit environment."

- @visser_34, Business Administration student

7. 3rd floor, Stan Grad Centre 

"Being high up while studying allows for me mentally and metaphorically put all of my worries below me for a clear head space."

- @calgaryborn1992, Library Information Technology student

8. Main floor, Stan Grad Centre

"Good lighting, quiet. Fast internet."

- @jessicaasemeniuk, BBA student

Didn't see your favourite study spot mentioned? Share it on Instagram and mention us at @sait.

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