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Power and network outages on campus

Maintenance will impact essential services during the holidays — electrical supply to SAIT's main campus will be disrupted from Dec. 19 to 23 and Information System networks serving the Senator Burns building will be down on Wednesday, Dec. 28.

The good news? The outages are expected to be brief and are being scheduled during the holiday break so impact to students and employees will be minimal.

The bad news? If you're expecting to work during the holidays, access to buildings during the outages will be restricted.

IS network outage

A complete network outage in the Senator Burns building (all wings) will occur Wednesday, Dec. 28 from 5 am to 6 pm. During this time there will be no electronic door access and no wireless or wireline network connectivity for computers. The outage will also impact Cisco IP phones. Access to Senators Burns will be restricted during this outage.

Electrical outage: schedule and impacted facilities

The Dec. 19 to 23 electrical outages will occur overnight and impact a variety of buildings. See chart below for the list of buildings and the days the outage is planned.

Dec. 19Dec. 20Dec. 21Dec. 22Dec. 23
Power Plant Shutdown Shutdown
Thomas Riley Shutdown Shutdown
Johnson Cobbe Shutdown Shutdown
Aldred Shutdown Shutdown
Parkade Shutdown
Senator Burns Shutdown Shutdown Shutdown
John Ware Shutdown Shutdown Shutdown
Campus Centre Shutdown Shutdown Shutdown
ACAD Shutdown Shutdown Shutdown
Stan Grad Shutdown Shutdown
Heritage Hall Shutdown Shutdown
Cenovus Shutdown Shutdown
Residence Shutdown Shutdown
Clayton Carroll Shutdown Shutdown
Crandell Shutdown Shutdown

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