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Training employees pays big dividends at Mullen Group

November 26, 2018

A young professional works on her iPad in an office environment.

When Mullen Group, a trucking/logistics and oilfield services company, was looking for a training provider that offered sophisticated solutions, they discovered SAIT.

More than a decade ago, Mullen switched to SAIT Corporate Training and hasn't looked back.

"We have a ‘promote from within' philosophy," explains Cathy Delay, Director of Human Resources for Mullen. "So, we work with SAIT to offer ways for our people to develop their skills and move into leadership positions."

Training has paid big dividends for Mullen. Among graduates from their leadership training program, 35% are now in a leadership role. And retention rates are higher among workers who take training.

But with 6,600 workers across Canada, training 25 people at a time in a classroom didn't provide the necessary reach and wasn't cost-effective. Fortunately, both Mullen and SAIT were excited to harness the power of technology to help meet training objectives.

"Our online training portal launched this September," says Delay, "and it's already proving to be a great way to reach out to more workers."

Within four weeks of launching, 500 people had enrolled.

"We were stunned by the response," admits Delay.

Custom-fit to the culture 

The online classes are developed with the support of SAIT curriculum development, and a SAIT instructor is available to students as they work through the modules.

Tanya Stephenson is a senior member of the Human Resources team at Mullen. She says it's very easy to work with SAIT.

"We're making a few changes as we get to know the modules, and SAIT is very receptive to improvements," says Stephenson. "Adjusting the material to fit our culture means we're providing the right training for the right workers."

The quality of your workforce is the single biggest factor impacting your company's success. Contact SAIT Corporate Training and select from trusted programs or customized options to fit your specific needs. 

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