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Online Student Project Showcase winners announced

August 15, 2016

Student projects winners of 2016.

After 641 votes and nearly 1,000 visits to the online voting page, the results are in for the Online Student Project Showcase! Mechanical Engineering Technology graduates Trayce Freund, Travis Leung, Yash Modi and Jason Rodrigues came first place; they created a hand-break mechanism for adaptive bicycles used by special-needs athletes. In second place are Connor Ferster, Fernando Arenas Rivera, Michael Shannon and Mu Yan; these Civil Engineering Technology graduates demonstrated the benefits of tannin foam in green construction.

"Moving the showcase online this year allowed us to share the great work being done by SAIT students to a much wider audience," said Joe Petermann, student initiatives coordinator with Applied Research and Innovation Services. "This was achieved largely by the online-voting mechanism, where voters could also share the videos on their own social media channels — specifically Facebook and Twitter.

"Both teams will receive a $1,500 Student Innovation Award which will be distributed among the team members. "We consider this award a milestone for all the work we put into this capstone project during our final year at SAIT," said Travis Leung, a member of the first-place team. "It is the recognition and acknowledgement of our community that our innovative minds are headed in the right direction, as we have now moved on from SAIT.

"Connor Ferster, a member of the second-place team who conducted research on tannin foam, said there is potential to continue studying the product. "Two of our group members, Michael Shannon and myself, are pursuing a full civil-engineering degree at the University of British Colombia," said Ferster. "We have discussed continuing the research [and]... will wait until we get there to determine next steps."

Here is a breakdown of the votes for each group:

  • The hand-break mechanism for special-needs athletes: 286 votes
  • Tannin foam insulation for green building: 170 votes
  • Reinventing and greening Calgary's Century Gardens: 104 votes
  • Solar power plan for SAIT's Campus Centre: 81 votes

Congratulations to all the teams who participated!

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