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Women of ARIS mentor female STEM students

March 08, 2016

Woman researcher at ARIS

A group of women researchers and support staff with Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) at SAIT are launching one of SAIT's 100 centennial projects in March. The 11 women are offering a mentorship series that will foster and facilitate female involvement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), as well as trades.

"The Women of ARIS (WARIS) would like to be the bridge to connect SAIT students, alumni and staff with the internal and external communities that support women in male-dominated industries," explained Sherry Yang, software developer and principal investigator for the ARIS Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Application Development Lab (RADLab). "I'm glad that we can create more networking opportunities for the people in STEM and trades, especially for ladies. Not only could they gain knowledge from experts in the industry, but they could also find support and mentorship from like-minded people."

Registration for the first event, being held on March 23 in room CA415 of the Aldred Centre, is free. Speakers from several organizations including the University of Calgary's Women in Science and Engineering (WISE),  Chic GeekLadies Learning CodeExploreIT the SAIT Students' Association and SAIT's Women in Technology and Trades (WITT) committee will be present.

The 11 WARIS members include ARIS administrative assistants Donna Bilyk and Janet Bliss; Green Building Technologies' (GBT) services administrator Annaliese Behrens and researcher Rebecca Davidson; Environmental Technologies research associate Vita Martez and chemical technologist Suilan Chen; RADLab researchers Sherry Yang and Stephanie Krause; Sports and Wellness Engineering Technologies researcher Emily Swan; and research grants coordinator Carole Doucet Love and contract grants writer Lindsey Brock."

ARIS women are small in number but representative of the women in SAIT's community - researchers in STEM fields, alumni and women who are concerned about giving female students the opportunity to become involved in STEM fields," said Yang. "We want to foster confidence as they pursue their careers."

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