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Engine and aircraft models fuelled by collaboration

October 22, 2015

ARIS team posing for a photo with the engine and aircraft model.

They say many hands make light work. In our case, a collaboration between SAIT schools, instructors, researchers and instructional designers resulted in two interactive exhibits for SAIT's Career Exploration Centre. An aircraft model represents SAIT's Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology and Aircraft Structures Technician programs, and a diesel engine replica highlights the Heavy Equipment Technician program.

Applied researchers Dallas Ramstad and Kevin Bartsch used the School of Construction's wood shop to make parts of the models. Dan Weinert, academic chair of wood trades, said this gave him insight into SAIT's applied research capabilities.

"I think it's important for us, let's say in the School of Construction, that we understand the type of work ARIS is able to do," said Weinert. "They have such a huge range of abilities that can serve other departments. "The interactive models will be used by students in junior high school. Part of the challenge was creating models that made complex tasks accessible - but not over-simplified. "It's that extra layer of learning objectives that are embedded into it. If you make it easy, the learning goes away," explained Andrea Jaros, project manager for the CEC's youth and strategic initiatives. "You don't know how kids are going to interact with this. That's where we brought in our knowledge. It's a team effort."

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