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Team effort puts aircraft model in takeoff gear

October 08, 2015

An interactive aircraft model built by Design, Fabrication and Testing team at ARIS.

 The interactive model built by the Design, Fabrication and Testing team is now en route to SAIT's Career Exploration Centre. The model designed for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology program will allow visiting students to take part in maintenance and repair activities.

"This project was a collaborative effort. Instructors in the School of Transportation (Art Smith Aero Centre) gave us tips on designing the model, especially with the linkage system," explains Dallas Ramstad, project lead and researcher.

"We also worked in the School of Construction's woodworking lab and with our own team members and Career Exploration Centre staff."

The model, weighing in at over 150 pounds, was designed with portability in mind. It can be folded in two, and the wing can be removed and mounted on the side.

The aircraft model also marks Ramstad's first project with our team. "I have a long history of woodworking and carpentry. I also have experience in mechanics and drafting. This project really fit my skill-set," says Ramstad. "I'm excited to see how the students will react."

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