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Dream projects become a reality

September 28, 2015

Research assistant Jim Nikkel and University of Toronto alumnus Robert Treacy

Robert Treacy, a University of Toronto alumnus (electrical engineering) and former geophysicist, wanted to build a magnetized motor for years.

"It was something I dreamed about. I thought it was about time that I did something about it," explained Treacy.

"I called a number of manufacturers and one of them mentioned contacting SAIT. It was just by chance that I came here and they did such a beautiful job of finishing it. I'm totally impressed."

Treacy came to the Design, Fabrication and Testing team with the structural design for the motor, which was built by research associated Jim Nikkel. Fabrication support was provided by research assistant Dallas Ramstad.

"It was great working with Mr. Treacy because he already had a design and because of his background as an electrical engineer, he understood the building process," said Nikkel.

"we will continue to work with him as he goes through this project."

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