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Aircraft model to land in the Career Exploration Centre

August 25, 2015

Young girl watching a 3D printer print.

SAIT summer camps are in full swing, and our researchers are right in the mix. In particular, four of our team members have led sessions for Savvy Science Girls camps. Rebecca Davidson, Annaliese Behrens and Aja Horsley work in the Green Building Technologies Access Centre (GBTAC) and Emily Chrysanthou is part of our Sports and Wellness Engineering Technologies group (SWET).

This all-girls camp for students in grades four to six focuses on how women have contributed to the advancement of science. When the campers came to ARIS, their tour started with Chrysanthouh in the ARIS Materials Testing lab. The girls learned the basics of material strength and the three stages of tensile testing. Afterwards, the campers trekked over to the Green Building Technologies Access Centre to meet Behrens and Davidson. The toured the GBTAC space, learned about renewable energy and tested out their "green thumbs" by putting new plants in the living wall. The research whirlwind ended on the rooftop of the John Ware building with Horsley, who taught the campers about SAIT's rooftop beekeeping project.

Here's what some of our very own savvy science girls had to say about leading these camps —

"I have a science background, and it was always something that interested me when I was younger. I think it's important to pass that knowledge along. This camp is also an opportunity to connect these girls with women they can look up to in the science world."

Aja Horsely
GBTAC researcher

"These camps are fun. It's great being able to engage the kids and teach them about renewable energy. And they already have a lot of knowledge about this field which is neat to see."

Annaliese Behrens
GBTAC services administrator
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