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Solar panel vs the cold

July 29, 2015

Our research team is putting a new solar panel to the test.

The panel is made in Germany by Roth industries. It is designed to produce more solar energy, in cold temperatures than other flat-plate solar-thermal collectors because of its polycarbonate housing and thick insulation.

"Our previous research over a 17-month study on SAIT's solar lab showed that evacuated tube collectors generate about double the heat of flat-plate collectors. But we were comparing it against flat-plate collectors that were installed at a lower title," said Tom Jackman, principal investigator of the Green Building Technology Access Centre. "The flat-plate collector was not effective over the winter months whereas the evacuated tube collector generated heat every month of the year."

The Solar Lab and panels at SAIT

The Roth flat-plate collector is now installed at the same tilt as the evacuated tube collector on the roof of SAIT's Solar Lab. A direct comparison of their performance over the winter months will prove whether the Roth flat-plate collector can perform as it was designed to.

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