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Drones and SAIT summer camps

July 20, 2015

SAIT summer camps are in full swing and many sessions are led by ARIS researchers. This month, Geo Discovery learned about drone technology in our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) lab space.

The Geo Discovery camp delves into the uses and technology behind global positioning systems. UAVs are a perfect fit for the camp because mapping is one of the many things they are used for.

Students playing with UAV model

"It's an excellent opportunity for us to provide information about UAVs for the kids because they will be the future designers and operators of this technology," said Shabab Moeini, faculty member and UAV researcher in the SAIT School of Construction.

Although they could not be flown from due to safety regulations, campers got to handle different drone models, and learn about their construction and use.

"I didn't expect to hold the drones, and learn how versatile they are," said 14-year-old Geo Discovery camper, Aaron Abraham. "I really enjoyed learning about drones and their applications in the world. It was very informative."

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