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Biodiesel equipment transfer video

July 16, 2015

As SAIT wrapped up its successful biodiesel research project, it needed a new home for the SAIT-made biodiesel reactor and small-scale production system. Originally used to convert campus cooking oil into biodiesel that was then tested in transport trucks for performance, the equipment will now live at Olds College. Olds just completed a six-year, $2.3 million grant to conduct biodiesel research.

Dr. Paul Tiege, a research scientist in the area of biofuels, waste management and sustainability at Olds College, says SAIT's donation of its $50,000 biodiesel production system is invaluable to them. "The SAIT system is a welcome addition to our existing technology," he says. "The SAIT modular design is more efficient and will allow us to continue our work with our industry partners, such as Green Transport, on biofuel integration, production efficiency and waste valuation."

The biodiesel reactor will also help Olds demonstrate ways to use biodiesel in cold temperatures.

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