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Straight from grad to the lab

July 02, 2015

Monika Sroczynska graduated from SAIT's Medical Device Reprocessing Technician certificate program (in the School of Health and Public Safety) two weeks ago. She finished her practicum at the South Health Campus, walked the stage and then hit the lab to assist SWET with its Safety Engineered Slide-Scalpel project.
Principal investigator at SAIT and recent grad student Monika Sroczynska.
Scalpel Innovation Inc. engaged ARIS to test its Slide-Scalpel. Sroczynska's contribution was to compare scalpels currently used in industry to the Slide-Scalpel prototype. She subjected them to manual and mechanical cleaning, then evaluated how the prototype measured up in terms of long-term wear and tear and if the retractable design allowed for full sterilization. "It's interesting to contribute to something like this and see how it could be brought into the industry," Sroczynska said. "As a recent grad, it opens your eyes. Medicine is always going to advance, there's always going to be new technology that comes into place, so it's interesting to be part of something that could make its way there eventually."

Researcher Emily Chrysanthou said this project marks the first research collaboration between the SWET team and the School of Health and Public Safety. "We're building up the interdepartmental relationship," she explains. "We've enjoyed working with the school and hope to continue to work with them, whether it's on small repairs for their equipment or on future medical device development."

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