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June 09, 2015

The RADLab team said "farewell" to two of our work-term students, Colin Nickoriuk and Kevin de Vlaming, who graduate with Software Development majors this summer from SAIT's Information Technology program.

Nickoriuk and de Vlaming joined our team on a summer work term in 2014. They worked with Chris Zaal, our project coordinator, to create a mobile ultra-high frequency device that could read RFID tags. Their contract was extended, and they continued working part-time with Chris on the project throughout their last term.

"They have far surpassed anything we've had previously as far as interns," said Zaal.

"When I started speaking with the industry client, he knew immediately that it would be myself and two interns working on the project over the summer, which he thought would be a great idea. It's having those fresh ideas, and having people that are going through school right now and being able to express what they're learning."

Kevin de Vlaming said coming into the team was intimidating at first — especially with only one year of software development and programming under his belt. However, the confidence he gained has been invaluable.

"When we actually saw that we could continue, I think that was a big thing for me. This is something I can actually do. I'm not just tagging along and watching other people and learning from them, which I did too, but I'm actually able to produce things of value" he said.

"I feel a lot better about going into the industry now. Knowing what I do and just feeling the sense of confidence that working here has given me."

Both students said working with the RADLab team brought their classroom learning to life.

chris zaal, kevin de vlaming and colin nickoriuk

"We got to learn a bunch of technologies I've never worked on before — Android and a lot of desktop technologies. It was a really unique opportunity to learn a bunch of stuff I wouldn't have learned in school," Nickoriuk said.

"It's really cool to see the accumulation of everything we've worked on and learned this summer built into a final project we can see."

After graduation, de Vlaming wants to be a software developer, and is open to where he'll work in the industry and "language." Nickoriuk aims to be an Android developer.

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