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SAIT a leader in net-zero energy home R&D

June 09, 2015

Earlier this week, David Silburn, research associate and general manager of SAIT's Green Building Technologies — a research area within SAIT's Applied Research and Innovation Services department — was in Ottawa at the 2015 spring meeting.

Mike Holmes and the GBT team working on the net zero discovery house.

Silburn met with members of the Technical Research Committee of CHBA's Net Zero Energy Housing Council (NZC). The NZC supports innovation in the residential construction industry with the goal of creating a market advantage for builder and renovator members pursuing net-zero energy (NZE) performance — a building that produces as much energy as it consumes over the course of a year.

Silburn is in the NZC's Education Working Group, one of four working groups making recommendations to help bridge the knowledge gap for early adopters and accelerate builder/renovator capacity to capitalize on NZE market adoption. The group also hopes to determine the formal and informal training and education priorities aligned with the efforts of the CHBA's national Professional Development Committee.

SAIT, of the NZC in December 2014, has a demonstrated competence in NZE or R-2000 home research and development and commitment to advance NZE construction in Canada.

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