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Discreet wearable technology designs

June 09, 2015

In the 1980s you were the coolest kid if you were wearing a calculator watch. Now, you could almost wear your phone as a watch, like Apple's iWatch. Wearable technologies are evolving to be smaller, smarter and sleeker. To achieve hands-free use of our phones, we no longer need elastic bands to hold our phones on our heads — there is Bluetooth for that. With the improvement of microtechnology, wearable technologies could have over 10 sensors packed onto a watch-sized chip to track human-health data.

I recently got on the trend of activity trackers, mainly because they are more affordable now than ever. Mind you, the price tag of a decent smartwatch is $300 but the price tag of an activity tracker seems more contained at $80. I'm particularly intrigued by the designs of the wearable technologies and their capabilities. I was not looking for a rugged GPS tracker to strap on, instead, I wanted a more feminine, elegant, yet edgy piece. The latest duo is Misfit and Swarovski, who displayed a series of gorgeous designs for ladies who are as keen as me in the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

Misfit Shine is an activity and sleep tracker you can wear as an accessory. Misfit has a list of upgrades for the device for every occasion, so you don't have any excuse

By Sherry Yang

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