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#SAITfaces: Jennie Gilbert

Jennie Gilbert with the lightboard

SAIT is leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, community builders, originals. Meet some of the people that make us great — our #SAITfaces.


If you’ve met Jennie Gilbert #hereatSAIT, lucky you! 🙂

A double threat as a continuing education and corporate training instructor, Jennie is an expert in all things 21st-century skills — collaboration, psychological safety, leadership, resilience and the like. Basically, everything you need to succeed, especially in the new and next normal.

“For so long, we have set change up to be a big hairy monster. Change doesn't have to be scary. Know that it's coming, understand what’s in your control, be ready for it and take it all step-by-step.”

A dynamic and compassionate professional whose background spans two continents, four career paths (including mom to a family of five) and a wide range of experiences within the corporate world, Jennie’s classes are relatable, fun and engaging.

“The best part of my job is the people. Plus, no two days are the same. Creativity and innovation are expected, and I don’t have to live by a title or label.”

In 2019, Jennie received SAIT’s ‘Original’ Star Award — an award for a SAIT employee whose unique approach in their work enhances SAIT’s brand through their innovation and best-in-class solutions — an obvious winner to us! ✨


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