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Three reasons to upskill locally, at SAIT

Your commitment to buy local can apply to more than groceries

Your commitment to buy local can apply to more than groceries

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home.

And there really isn’t. Alberta’s economy is one-of-a-kind, shaped by geography, resources and people.

At SAIT, we’ve spent decades listening to the needs of local industry, responding with innovative partnerships and customized curriculum for tomorrow’s workforce. It’s why we have a unique understanding of Alberta’s economy and job market — and why 90% of SAIT grads get hired.

So whether you’re looking to enhance your skillset, increase job prospects or embrace personal development, here are three reasons to “learn local” at SAIT.

Future proof your career, right here

More than ever, maintaining relevance is critical to career success. But you don’t have to travel the world, even virtually, for world-class skills development.

SAIT’s newly launched Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies in Calgary is home to more than 1,000 skills-centric courses designed to meet workplace demand. Featuring small class sizes and industry-expert instructors, the centre is a hub for lifelong action-based learning.

Embrace digital disruption and supplement your talent with an investment in yourself.

Leverage local assets and partnerships

Career opportunities can come down to what you know and who you know. In fact, up to 80% of jobs aren’t posted on job boards. When you attend SAIT, even in our virtual classrooms, you’ll forge valuable local connections to help shape your future.

Many of our instructors come straight from working in their fields and are passionate about sharing their personal knowledge and career insights. With a finger on the pulse of Alberta industry, they’re invested in your growth and want to see you hit the ground running.

And SAIT has worked closely with local industry partners to produce job-ready graduates for 104 years. It’s why our partners recognize the value of a SAIT education — and better yet, why they hire SAIT grads.

Shape innovation and contribute to change locally

Your community is a classroom, filled with local problems, solutions, changemakers and champions.

Learning through a local lens will empower you to make your mark where you live. You’ll gain the skills and connections needed to enrich your city and province.

If you’re ready to build your skillset, explore a different industry, or pursue a new challenge, look no further — you’ll find everything you need in your own backyard. Discover the possibilities at SAIT’s Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies.


This story is part of our summer content series, highlighting SAIT's connections with community and industry and how we're championing change in our local economy.

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