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Understanding your grades

Grades are a significant part of your student life — make sure you understand how they work.

Grades are a significant part of your student life — make sure you understand how they work.  

Grading system

SAIT uses a 4-point grade point average (GPA) grading system. Check your course outline for an overview.  

Your GPA is based on your Cumulative GPA (CGPA) and your Semester GPA (SGPA). To remain in good academic standing and progress through your program, both your CGPA and SGPA must be 2.0 or higher. 

  • What’s a CGPA?
    The overall cumulative weighted GPA for all courses you complete. 
  • What’s a SGPA?
    The weighted GPA for all courses you complete in a semester.

Calculate a weighted grade

Marks for quizzes, assignments, projects and exams are usually found in your mySAIT account or Brightspace (D2L).

A weighted grading system is used to calculate those marks. In this system, course assessments are assigned different values.

For example, an in-class quiz may have a value of 5%, a mid-term exam may have a value of 25%. Calculating weighted grades gives you a snapshot of your academic standing at any point in your semester and allows you to act early if things aren’t going to plan. 

To calculate a weighted grade, multiply the percent earned in each assessment by the weight assigned to it. Add the totals to get the grade average for the course. Try this: grade calculator tool

Academic probation

If your SGPA or CGPA drops below 2.0 in your most recent term, you’ll be placed on academic probation.

In this case, you can continue with your courses, but you’ll need to bring both your SGPA and CGPA above 2.0 after attempting another nine credits.  

If both drop below this mark again, you'll be academically withdrawn from SAIT. Once you’re withdrawn, you must wait eight calendar months before you can take any courses or programs at SAIT. 

Tips to stay on track with school

  • Monitor your grades. 
  • Review your study strategies with an academic coach. 
  • Practice healthy habits for eating, sleeping and physical fitness.
  • Seek support when things feel overwhelming.
  • Manage your finances.
  • Set reasonable limits around part-time employment.


Connect with your instructor to better understand your grades. The Office of the Registrar and Academic Coaching are also great resources.

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